Understand the latest development and trend of the company

Wang Qiu: hard work has great power

From the ordinary blade machining workers to the present environmental safety personnel of the enterprise management department; from listening to the competition and learning from the predecessors, to the main force of the Department, he told everyone with his own experience: there is no end to learning, and there is a great power to work.

See the beginning in details

There is a saying in Xunzi's exhortation to learn that every step of the way can lead to a thousand miles, and no small stream can lead to a river or a sea. If we can do every little thing carefully and cultivate it into a habit, and let the habit become a nature, then we can do it with our heart and grasp the details accurately, so as to deal with things comprehensively and perfectly.

In February 2012, Wang Qiu entered Zhongfu Lianzhong Lianyungang blade factory and engaged in first-line production. When he joined the company, he made clear his original intention: to be a diligent and simple front-line employee, abide by the company's rules and regulations in an an an sub branch way, actively do all the work arranged by the leaders, and make a little progress every day.

In daily work, what Wang Qiu does most is to cut, polish and scrape putty. Seemingly simple processes can test a worker's meticulous concentration. During the operation, he always follows the old workers' knowledge and new methods, and gradually accumulates a lot of experience and practices, such as using plastic plate to scrape the putty on the front edge of the blade, which can be formed in one time, and is smooth and has a circular arc; at the same time, he will consider the connection between the front and back processes, and reduce the work burden for others by doing his job well. When scraping the putty on the back edge of the blade, he is tired of cutting The utility model has the advantages of stable placing, even wrist force and less greasy knife returning, which can save operation time, facilitate grinding and improve the efficiency of post-processing. In addition, he also pays attention to cost control. The sandpaper used at ordinary times can be reused after polishing the putty, which can be used to polish the place where the glue flows and drips. It can also be used to polish the putty at the root and the front edge of the blade on the hand-held electric tool. Such a blade can save 20 sandpapers.

"Great things in the world must be done in detail." Details condense efficiency, produce benefits, and use details flexibly. Even in the rubble, they can shine brilliantly. Wang Qiu's consideration of subtleties is reflected in his grasp of radian when puttying, saving of sandpaper when polishing and reducing the burden of other processes during operation, which is a kind of skill and creation.

Go against the current and see progress

In April 2018, Wang Qiu entered the enterprise management department through internal competition and took the post of environmental safety officer. A new beginning means a new challenge. After becoming an environmental safety officer, Wang Qiu felt that everything should start from scratch in the face of many knowledge he had never seen or heard. However, the pressure is not limited to this, because he has not been exposed to the safety management work. The enterprise management department has agreed with him to give him three months. If he is not competent for the work after three months, he will return to his original post.

Learning is like sailing against the current. Since then, Wang Qiu has become more interested in the system documents. In order to be able to integrate into the work as soon as possible, he looked through the archives during the day to understand the development of the previous work. At night, he went home to read the books on safety and environmental protection, learning while doing, learning and work are not wrong. After three months of study, Wang Qiu basically mastered the key points of the company's EHS management system documents, and could independently do well in the operation and maintenance work, and successfully stayed in the enterprise management department.

After learning, Wang Qiu knew his shortcomings. While doing his job well, he continued to "recharge" himself. Apply for the examination of registered safety engineer, self-study through the national computer level B and MS office application examination, Putonghua level test level B and so on, obtain the Correspondence Undergraduate Certificate and bachelor's degree certificate, and be rated as "excellent graduate".

In order to improve his expression ability, he has applied for pre job safety production training for new employees many times, and at the same time wants to pass on the knowledge he has learned to everyone. In order to exercise their own organizational planning ability, actively plan and participate in the implementation of 2019 Safety Month activities, achieving good results.

Do your best and take responsibility

From zero foundation to smoothly stay in the enterprise management department to be responsible for the update and maintenance of the company's EHS management system documents, now it has been able to take charge of the company's environmental protection management and assist in the safety production management, which can be called the main force of the Department, and all of which can not be separated from Wang Qiuzhen's spirit of doing things.

Since the company passed the system certification in 2009, a large number of supporting documents have been established. In order to maintain the effectiveness of the system operation, these documents are basically updated every year, such as the identification and evaluation of environmental factors, hazard sources and applicable laws and regulations. These work involves more than 30 departments. Wang Qiu understands the actual situation of each department one by one, communicates fully and then finalizes the draft. There are nearly 300 safety and environmental protection laws and regulations applicable to the company. Wang Qiu checks whether the identified laws and regulations are the latest version one by one, extracts the applicable terms and integrates them into the company's management system. Only he participates in the revision There are 77 systems.

Not satisfied with only mastering part of the post knowledge, Wang Qiu began to seek greater progress. With the increasingly severe environmental protection situation, the increasing strength of environmental law enforcement and inspection, and the increasingly heavy environmental protection work of enterprises, Wang Qiu realized the importance of hazardous solid waste management, so from the preparation of the annual management plan, handling the filing procedures, filling in the dynamic management system of hazardous waste in Jiangsu Province to hazardous waste disposal, each link is cautious and takes over the hazardous waste management work by itself There has never been a mistake since.

In addition to system operation and maintenance and environmental protection, he also assisted in some work safety management work, actively connected with the safety officers of all departments, asked for relevant materials in time, prepared a monthly work safety management briefing, and showed the company's work safety trends to employees; assisted the tank business department to complete the creation of dual prevention mechanism, and comprehensively identified the safety risks and potential hazards Line classification, from the masses to the masses, established a smooth communication channel with front-line employees, listened to the real voice of employees, targeted implementation of many improvement measures.

Since entering the enterprise management department for one year, Wang Qiu has always been "open to all kinds of work", including hazardous waste work, document operation and maintenance, system audit, briefing writing, system filling, safety training, license application, planning activities, etc. he always keeps in mind that the work needs to be done conscientiously, everything should be done on a down-to-earth basis, fantasy is not to come, and has been working with a pragmatic attitude Made.

Working hard and conscientiously, he is a good employee among leaders and colleagues, and has been awarded the sixth "top ten employees" of the company; living a positive and optimistic life, because both husband and wife work in different places, they assume the responsibility of taking care of their children's daily life; pay attention to improvement in thinking, and solemnly submit the application for joining the party to the party organization on February 18, 2019. In the past 8 years, Wang Qiu has consciously abided by the company's rules and regulations in his ordinary post, never forgetting his original intention, being active and enterprising, and really working hard. As the poem says, "the moss and flowers are as small as rice, and the peonies are blooming." no matter who you are, where you are, work hard and do your work well, it is a responsibility and a responsibility. No pains, no gains, everyone can be ordinary, but shining.